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Professional chef knife bag

We cannot say it often enough: good material is half the battle. When you have a number of razor-sharp professional knives in your kitchen drawer at home, you want to protect them for becoming blunt. You probably handle them with care and we fully understand. They are your most important tools during cooking. Our leather professional knife bag offers the solution. By storing your chef’s knives in a professional chef knife roll, you ensure yourself of knives that won’t damage and do not lose their sharpness.

3 types professional chef knife set roll

All our professional chef knife rolls are hand-cut from high-quality Utah leather. This type of leather is extra oiled, full-grain buffalo leather, with the surface remaining completely intact. In total we offer 3 professional chef knife set rolls.

  • Model 1 professional knife bag has space for 5 knives and a size of 45 x 47 cm.
  • Model 2 professional knife bag has space for 10 knives and a size of 45 x 87 cm.
  • Model 3 professional knife bag is an XL variant and has space for 9 knives and a size of 52 x 57 cm.

The professional chef knife bag of leather has an inner flap that you can open and close to protect your knives. After rolling up the leather knife case, you can secure it with the sturdy straps and copper-colored buckles. That way you can’t fold open the leather case during transport and your chef’s knives will stay securely in their professional chef knife bag. Great for your knives, but also a great item for yourself.

Accessories professional chef knife set roll

Each professional chef knife set roll has a leather handle that you can attach or detach. Handy for when you want to take your knives on the road. During a BBQ evening with friends, that one business job or during a demonstration for family. It is also possible to expand your leather knife case with a shoulder strap as an accessory. This leather shoulder strap is made of the same leather as the straps on the professional chef knife set roll. With this accessory you can easily throw your leather knife case over your back during travelling.

Limited edition professional chef knife bag

Even tougher than its previous ones: the All Black Limited Edition knife bag. Extra cool because all leather details are completely black. Made by hand by professionals, from extra oiled, full grain buffalo leather. Protect your knives securely and safely in this knife case made of leather. The edition is limited to 50 pieces. Each item has its unique code. The All Black Edition includes 5 high-quality knives with knife protectors.

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