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These days potholders are no longer hidden in your grandmother’s kitchen cupboard. The leather potholder completely back again. If you opt for a genuine leather variant, they can be shown off in your kitchen, hung in full view on the wall to give your kitchen a tough appearance.

They are handy and safe for grasping handles of hot pans or hot baking trays. No more hassle with a folded towel that slowly slips out of your hands. Leather pot holders ensure a firm grip and thus also offer you piece of mind and safety in the kitchen. Never play dangerous antics again with alternatives or burn your hands-on containers that are too hot.


All our potholders are hand-made from high-quality leather from Italy. They were selected based on our demanding strict specifications. The leather is then given a special treatment developed in our leather workshop in Waalwijk, so that the leather pot holders becomes flexible and easy to use. The leather is then cut by hand into shape by craftsmen.

Choose from four different colors, each with their own charm: Black, Rust, Choco or Ocean. The name of the colors already gives you a reliable picture of the color but look and compare all the colors in the product photos before you make a choice. Match them with the rest of your Xapron items or ensure a high contrast.

The leather potholder is sturdy and come in a set of 2 pieces. The size of the potholder is 24.5 x 24.5 cm (9 ½ x 9 ½ inches). Hang them on the cognac-colored hanging loop somewhere within reach and within sight.


The potholders are timeless and can last for years due to the quality, but how do you really get the best out of it? We give you a number of tips:

  • To help protect your leather potholder against stains, it is nice if you thoroughly spray the holders before use with a stain and water-repellent colorless leather spray for better protection against dirt and water. This is not entirely necessary, but it protects your leather potholder better against stains.
  • With a damp cloth you can easily and quickly clean the leather of the potholders after use.
  • Never clean stubborn stains with corrosive agents such as gasoline or acetone!
  • Remember that daily use of your potholders only makes them more beautiful.

Expand your collection!

We at Xapron love beautiful products where you can feel the love and passion for craftsmanship. In addition to our potholders, we have more products for the kitchen that are worth buying. What do you think about leather placemats with matching coasters? Or a sturdy knife bag to protect your knives. You can of course cut vegetables and meat on a 100% Dutch oak cutting board, with or without leather handles.

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