Pocket 13x19 cm - Xapron
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Pocket 13×19 cm

 10,00 incl. BTW

  • Personalize

    Personalize your leather product

    By choosing your favorite leather quality, color and any accessories, your leather apron is already quite unique in its kind. Do you want that extra step now? Then choose a leather apron with name. This way you are assured that nobody else is walking around in exactly the same creation as you. Although we cannot guarantee that if your name is BBQ master ;)

    We can make a leather BBQ apron by name in 4 different ways. Here we explain all the ways including the accompanying photos and prices.

    PLEASE NOTICE: The name won't replace the Xapron label

    • 5 €

    Max 8 characters. 

    Please note: This label does not replace the Xapron brand label. The max size of your logo will be about 6cm.

    • 10 €

    Please Note: Only PDF files.

    • (max file size 512 MB)

    This option gives you more space to play with. The maximum size of the laser engraving can be 10cm x 10cm on a apron and will be about 8cm x 8cm on a knife roll bag.

    Please note that this option is not possible for the Caiman aprons.

    • 15 €

    Please note: Only PDF files.

    • (max file size 512 MB)



Expand your apron with an extra pocket. Useful for temporarily storing your spatulas, herbs, or other necessities during cooking or BBQing. The dimensions of the pocket are 13 cm wide and 19 cm long. The pocket is placed under the tea towel band.

The pocket is made of the same leather type and color as the apron itself.

We do our best to send your apron as quickly as possible. When ordering a pocket on your apron, we must stitch it on manually. Therefore, allow 2 to 5 extra working days for delivery.

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