Scissors holder - Xapron
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Scissors holder

 49,95 incl. BTW




Create extra storage space quickly and easily for your scissors with a scissor holder. Ideal for all hairdressers, grooming salons and other professions where scissors are often used during work. The scissor holder is attached to the towel band on the right side of the apron. The holder offers space for at least 5 scissors. Because of the press snap buttons, you can fold the holder completely open and you can easily remove all loose hairs from the scissors.

The size of the scissor holder is 11 x 25 cm. Because of the press snap buttons you can attach the scissors holder yourself and detach it from your leather apron. Wear it when it suits you.

The scissor holder is made of sturdy buffalo leather and is available in the following 3 colors: Black, Brown and Cognac.

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