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Personalize your wooden board

Personalizing your favorite cutting or serving board makes it even more special. And how about giving someone this personal gift?

We can place a name on the name label on your shelf by means of a laser engraving. Or we can burn a logo, name or nice text directly into the wood.

The laser machine burns your logo or name into the wood or leather label, so it is not possible to use color. A logo, name or text without large full areas works best and looks the best.

The maximum size of a name in the leather label is 4 cm wide. For a logo directly on the wood this is 10cm x 10cm.

1. Have your name lasered on a label

Using a laser machine, we laser your given name into a leather label. We place this label next to the Xapron label on the leather cord. State the name or text that you would like to see on this label in the entry field. Et voilà, there is your unique board with name!

Please Note! This option is not possible on the two large cutting boards, as they have a large handle.

Prijs € 5,-

2. Direct laser engraving

The advantage of this option is that you are not bound to a maximum number of characters, and you can also supply your own logo or design. The difference with this option is that we laser the design directly into the wooden board and do not use an extra leather label. This of course gives a different and bigger effect than lasering on the name label. The maximum surface size on which we can laser is 10cm x 10cm. (Depending of the size of the board)

Prijs € 15,-

Delivery time

We will always try our best to ship your personalized product as soon as possible. When ordering a personalization by means of laser engraving we first make a design manually on the computer, and send you a digital example for approval. Therefore, take into account 1 to 3 extra working days for delivery time.


NOTE; It is not possible to return a personalized product.

Questions and advice

And… have you already decided what you’re going for? Will it be a large or small board with a name, initials, a special date that means a lot to you or a logo for a promotional or special gift or that you have designed yourself?

If you are not sure what to do or if you would like advice, please call or email  us! Then we look and think along with you for the best solution.

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