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Personalized aprons for her

We at Xapron offer personalized aprons for women. If you are looking for an apron in the kitchen during baking or simply for around the house in the garden, we have the apron for you! Our women collection XPRN By Xapron is a little bit more refined, but equally cool as the rest of our aprons. Also made of 100% top quality leather and handmade by craftsman in The Netherlands. At the moment the collection consists of one model, available in 4 different colors: brown, grey, cognac and blue. It will allow you enough choice for the personalized aprons for her.

Details of the personalized aprons for women

Yes, the personalized aprons for her are in some way a little bit different then our men apron collection. It’s all in the small details. For example, we used a graceful narrow leather strap in the neck, and a leather string to tie the apron around your back. We also omitted the copper colored details, which gives the personalized aprons for women a calmer look. The apron fits better with the softness that women naturally have from themselves. For the observant viewer: the logo of the apron is also slightly different then you are used from us. If you look closely, you will notice a heart in the middle. Referring to the love and passion for cooking and baking.

Just as the rest of our collection, this apron is hand cut from one piece of leather to prevent seams where dirt can accumulate. It’s the most hygienic way and also the easiest way to clean the apron with a damp cloth. In addition, the women apron is treated with an extra way layer, that works dirt-repellent. Liquids can’t penetrate the leather and the apron itself will stay longer beautiful.

Options for the personalized aprons for her

The options for personalized aprons for women is almost the same as they are for men. In the end you can also choose from the standard three options that we offer on our website. That doesn’t mean we think every option is a great idea. The thing is, our women aprons already have a bigger leather label in the middle of the chest. To place another underneath, aesthetically isn’t the best thing you can do. If you still want a personalized apron for her birthday or another special occasion, we still got you covered. The best option to choose is then a small label with her name on it. It will give you (and us) the best result!

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