Looking for a light weight, flexible leather apron? Xapron is a specialist.
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Our leather aprons

Xapron has been designing and producing supple leather aprons since 2015. We have various flexible leathers such as: Kansas, Florida, Montana, New York and Utah. In addition to the choice in the quality of the apron (full grain or split leather) you can also choose from the various colors that we offer. Are you going for cool black, classic brown or quirky blue? With all these options you choose an apron with leather in the style that completely suits you!


Leather has been used in Waalwijk since the end of the 18th century. Our leather aprons are still made by hand by experienced craftsmen to preserve the artistry of this tradition. That also applies to the beautiful tanneries in the neighborhood of Waalwijk. That is why we give every leather apron a small orange pennant on the label, as recognition and pride in our Dutch products!

The leather we use comes from Italy and is selected to meet our demanding specifications. The sturdy Italian buffalo leather is first tanned and then receives our unique treatment. This process makes our aprons extremely light and flexible. Xapron gear is not only comfortable to wear. Thanks to the suppleness of the leather, our aprons fit nicely on anybody.

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An apron with leather is a great match in the professional catering and hospitality industry. But it fits also perfect in your kitchen at home, behind the BBQ and for example during gardening. Protect your clothing, and especially yourself, against grease splashes, high temperatures and possible burns. Due to the dirt-resistant wax layer, the apron is also very hygienic and effortless to clean with a damp cloth. When purchasing your leather apron, Xapron gives you a number of quick tips & tricks to enjoy your apron for as long as possible.


Rough, tough, chic or refined? In the men’s leather apron collection, we have 7 different leathers and more than 21 different colors. This gives each apron its own look & feel.

Your leather Xapron apron always has sturdy adjustable straps, a simple adjustable buckle closure and a handy tea towel loop. You also have the option to customize your leather cooking apron with the various accessories that we offer. Choose an extra pocket which is handy for temporarily storing your spatulas, herbs or other necessities while grilling, or go for a bottle holder, so that your cold beer is always within reach.

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A tad more refined, but still an equally tough leather cooking apron made of 100% supple cowhide leather. Our ladies collection with aprons for Ladies is a combination of cool, fashion and functionality. The aprons with leather is not only durable enough for everyday use in the kitchen or in the garden but is also a fashion item to show off.

The XPRN by Xapron aprons for women currently consist of 1 model, available in 4 different colors.

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Children’s Apron

Just as tough as mom or dad! Leather aprons especially for the little chefs and BBQ assistants. The new children’s collection is suitable for ages from 3 up to 8 years, in 4 different colors available. The apron is secured by a cotton ribbon that you can tie at the back, so it is easy to adjust in length and size. This way the apron grows with your child.

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Love for traditional craftsmanship with leather aprons

Owner Peter Vrins came up with the name X (apron), because of his love for beautiful artisan leather products and therefore added an X (kiss) to the English name for Apron: Xapron

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