Create a playful effect with a leather waist apron from Xapron
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Do you prefer a leather waist apron?

You will find the leather waist apron in the hospitality industry, in the trendy bistro tents, trendy coffee shops and in the service industry. In contrast to a long leather apron, a leather waist apron gives a somewhat more playful effect, while maintaining the functionality of a leather hospitality apron. In the service industry it often happens that a drink gets spilled. This protection is often needed with hot drinks such as coffee or tea. In addition, wait staff does not walk around with stains on his pants for the rest of the evening, but his appearance remains extremely professional.


  • Made from supple and flexible leather
  • 100% handmade natural product with character
  • Choose from 7 different types of leather and more than 21 different colors
  • Metal and bronze hardware give the leather apron a rugged tough look
  • Adjustable leather belt with 10 predrilled positions and buckle closure, which guarantees a good fit
  • The standard size of leather half apron is 40 cm (about 15 ½ inches) high and 60 cm (about 2 feet) wide

Leather waist apron without seams

The waist apron is cut by hand from one piece of leather, to prevent seams where dirt can accumulate. Very hygienic and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The leather waist apron is treated with a special dirt-repellent wax layer, so that liquids do not penetrate the leather and the apron stays beautiful longer. The longer you wear the apron, the more it becomes a kind of second skin. So, take care of your apron because your apron takes care of you …

Customize your leather waist apron

A lot of customization is possible with the leather waist apron. With various accessories, you make your half leather apron not only an eye-catcher for your corporate clothing brand, but also a tool for your staff. For example, place an extra-large bag in front of the apron, where you can store pens, notebooks or a wallet. Place a metal ring on the leather catering apron to hang any keys, a tea towel or other supplies. Or how about such a handy scissors holder for hairdressers in the salon?


In addition, ensure a recognizable brand style and image of your company by having your logo or company name engraved / printed on the leather so your staff is always easy to recognize for your customers. We offer various personalization and placement options. Your own logo / design right in the middle or across the side. Burned, stamped or whitewashed are all possible.

More about personalizing

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