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BBQ Apron

Are you looking for the perfect apron for behind the barbecue? One that protects you against the hot flames and (fat) splashes? Which also gives you the appearance of a real pit master with the accompanying skills? And also fits very comfortable around your body? Then stop searching! Xapron has a wide range of barbecue aprons. From a cool vintage look, a standard cognac-colored apron to a rugged black apron. With a choice of seven flexible leather types and more than 14 different colors, there must be a BBQ apron that suits your style and look!

Barbecue apron collection

Rough, tough, chic or sophisticated? In the men’s leather apron collection, we have seven different leathers and more than 21 different colors. This gives each apron its own look & feel.

Your Xapron apron for behind the BBQ is always equipped with sturdy adjustable straps, a simple adjustable buckle closure and a handy tea towel loop. But you also have the option to customize your leather apron with the various accessories that we offer. Opt for an extra pocket, handy for temporarily storing your spatulas, herbs or other supplies while grilling. Or go for a bottle holder, so that your beer is always within reach.

The specialist for a barbecue apron

Xapron has been developing and designing BBQ aprons since the beginning of 2015. The head office is located in Waalwijk, the city known as the leather capital of the Netherlands. Immediately also the surroundings of the beautiful centuries-old tanneries. The place where you will find a lot of knowledge about leather and where the love for craftsmanship and authenticity has been preserved. In other words, we are surrounded by people who love leather as much as we do. We like to show that love in our products.

Nowadays our barbecue aprons are indispensable in the BBQ world. In the RTL4 program “I BBQ for you”, you will come across our aprons for more than 3 seasons. Ralph de Kok (a famous chef and TV personality) is therefore a friend of Xapron. Not only do you see us on TV, but we are also regularly present with a booth or stand at various large BBQ events and various large national and international fairs. There is also a good chance that you will (re) know our BBQ aprons from the various social media channels, influencers, various magazines, blogs and / or cookbooks.

Why a Xapron BBQ apron?

  • Handmade by craftsmen in the Netherlands
  • 100% Top quality leather
  • Remarkably smooth and comfortable to wear
  • Wide range of leathers and colors
  • Safety during BBQ-grilling
The rating of at WebwinkelKeur Reviews is 9.7/10 based on 507 reviews.
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