Looking for a cool, leather aprons for kids? We have 4 colors!
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Just as cool as mom or dad! We also have a kids apron especially for the little chefs and BBQ assistants in our assortment. You can twin with your son or daughter while grilling behind the BBQ or baking cookies in the kitchen together.


The new Xapron children’s collection is suitable for ages 3 to 8 years. We have developed 1 model that can easily be adjusted in length / size by means of a (cotton) ribbon and can grow with your child. This way you and your child will enjoy the kids cooking apron for an extra-long time.

In addition to the fact that you have the same outfit, our childrens aprons also have a protective and practical function. The leather kids apron protects your clothing, and also yourself and your child, against possible (grease) splashes and burns. The special dirt-resistant wax layer makes the childrens cooking apron very hygienic and easy to clean with a damp cloth. We will give you some extra tips to maintain your apron and to enjoy it for as long as possible.

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To make sure there is no fight between siblings, you can have the kids cooking apron personalized with a name, so you know for sure whose apron it is. It is also a nice extra when you give this apron as a gift. We can stamp or burn any name you give us in the leather band on the kids leather apron. Enter the name or text that you would like to see on the childrens cooking apron in the entry field. We can stamp names or words of up to 8 characters. Does your name have more then 8 characters, then we will laser the name into the leather.


The leather kids cooking apron is available in 1 length: 50 cm (about 19 ½ inches) high and 40 cm (about 15 ½ inches) wide. We measure from the top of the apron (at the height of the breastbone) to above the knee. The width is the width of the leather of the apron. This width does not include your entire body, only the front and part of both sides. The childrens aprons are, however, easy to adjust in size due to the (cotton) ribbon of 1 meter (about 39 inches). As a result, the apron almost always fits the child perfectly.


Choose from 4 different colors: brown, black, rust and blue. If you want the kids leather apron to be the same types as a parent’s apron, take a look at our men’s aprons with the leather type Kansas. That way you have the same apron as your little one.

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