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Sustainable & affordable Leather Apron

Are you in search of the perfect leather apron for grilling or working in the kitchen? One that shields you from the searing flames and potential grease splatters? And, on top of that, one that fits comfortably around your body? Look no further! Xapron has introduced a new collection of exceptionally sustainable and highly affordable aprons. With both your wallet and the environment in mind, we’ve created the new Dallas leather apron.

This leather apron boasts the same top-quality leather as our other aprons in the range. The difference is that it features a seam in the middle, allowing us to craft it from various smaller pieces of leather. These are pieces that might otherwise go to waste and contribute to more environmental pollution. Hence, this beautiful, affordable, and sustainable leather apron!

We offer this leather apron in a wide array of colors, so don’t wait any longer! Choose your color, and voilà, your new leather apron will be delivered to you within a day!

What’s even more exciting is that we can personalize these lovely leather aprons through laser engraving on a label or directly on the apron with a name, a charming quote, or your very own logo! So, are you looking to promote your eatery or hospitality establishment affordably and effectively? This is your opportunity!

A Fun Tip: Stuck on gift ideas for Sinterklaas or Christmas? An affordable, sustainable, and personalized gift! Do I need to say more? No, I didn’t think so :-) Order it right away. Dallas Leather Apron.

BBQ Apron Collection

Rugged, elegant, chic, or refined? In our men’s leather apron collection, we offer 6 different types of leather and more than 14 different colors. This means that each apron has its own unique look and feel.

Your Xapron apron for grilling always comes with sturdy adjustable straps, an easy-to-adjust buckle closure, and a convenient tea towel loop. But in addition, you also have the option to customize your leather apron with the various accessories we offer. Choose an extra pocket, perfect for temporarily storing your spatulas, herbs, or other essentials while grilling. Or opt for a bottle holder so that your beer is always within reach.

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Rugged Aprons Made from Supple Cowhide Leather

Since the late 18th century, leather craftsmanship has been a tradition in Waalwijk, the leather city of the Netherlands. Since 2015, Xapron has been dedicated to developing and designing BBQ aprons. Our headquarters are nestled in Waalwijk, right in the vicinity of the magnificent centuries-old tanneries—a place steeped in leather knowledge and where the passion for craft and craftsmanship has endured. In other words, we are surrounded by individuals who share the same fondness for leather as we do. We’re delighted to infuse this love into our products.

Our BBQ aprons have become an integral part of the BBQ world. You can spot our aprons in the RTL4 program ‘Ik BBQ voor jou’ for over three seasons now. Ralph de Kok is a friend of Xapron, not just on TV but also in real life. Our presence isn’t limited to television; we frequently set up stands at various major BBQ events and national and international expos. There’s a good chance you’ve come across our BBQ aprons on various social media channels, endorsed by influencers, featured in numerous magazines, blogs, and cookbooks, and are already familiar with them.

Why a Xapron Leather Apron?

  • Authentic craftmenship in the Netherlands
  • 100% top quality leather
  • comfortable to wear
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