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Care for your leather apron

Xapron has developed a special and unique wax layer that is applied to almost all aprons in the collection. This wax layer protects the leather extra against dirt, stains and even the worst scratches are stopped. With a wet cloth you can easily wipe the worst stains from the apron. The authentic aprons from Xapron are handmade in the Netherlands and can be used a lifetime. Your apron will show its own unique look and life story over time. The apron will protect you against the heat of the BBQ or grill and also against hot grease splashes and other stains.

If you want to enjoy your leather apron for a long time to come, treat it with care. When you’re not using your apron, hang or roll it up to avoid lines or tears in the apron, which can be caused by folding the apron. Please read the following tips for optimal care and maintenance.

How to maintain your leather apron:

You should never wash a leather apron, the leather only gets more beautiful the more you wear it.

  • You can simply wipe your apron with a clean (warm) damp cloth.
  • You can often remove stains by simply rubbing the leather of your apron against each other.
  • Do not use chemical or alcohol-based cleaning agents on your apron.
  • Leather discolours in the sun. If your apron does get wet, don’t dry it in direct sunlight or near a heater.
  • Never wash your apron in the washing machine, and certainly do not use an iron on it.
  • Never submerge your apron in water.

Why a Leather apron?

  • Protects you from the hot flames of the grill
  • You immediately look like an experienced Pit master
  • A Xapron barbecue apron made of leather is extremely flexible and comfortable
  • Wide range of leather types and colours
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