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On this page we answer questions that customers have regularly asked us in the past. Handy, because now you no longer have to ask them! You will find the answers below. If you still have a question after reading the FAQ, do not hesitate to ask us via info@xapron.com.


In which sizes are the Xapron leather aprons available?

We offer three different lengths for most aprons (with the exception of the Tennessee and the women’s and kids aprons):
M: 74×60 cm / 29×23,6 inch
L: 82×60 cm / 32×23,6 inch
XL: 89x70cm / 35×27,5 inch

What are the sizes of the other Xapron products?

Short apron: 40×60 cm
Big front pocket: 27×18 cm
Flat pocket: 13×19 cm / 18×22 cm
Bulk pocket: 12x20x4 cm
Ring: 4,5 cm (diameter)
Extension belt: 60×2,5 cm
Scissor holder: 23,5×12 cm
Waiter holder: 15×27 cm
Bottle holster: 21×8 cm
Water holster: 21×8 cm
Knife Rollbag 5 pcs: 45×47 cm
Knife Rollbag 9 pcs: 58×52 cm
Knife Rollbag 10 pcs: 45×87 cm
Knife protector – 10 cm: 10,7×3,2 cm
Knife protector – 16 cm: 16,7×3,7 cm
Knife protector – 18 cm: 18,7×5,9 cm
Knife protector – 24 cm 24,7×5,9 cm
Knife protector – 26 cm: 26,7×3 cm
Knife protector – 32 cm: 32,7×3 cm
Knife holder 2st.: 33×11 cm
Placemat: 43×30 cm
Desk pad: 40×60 cm
Napkin ring: 15×6,5 cm
Napkin ring with press button: 16×3 cm
Coaster square: 10×10 cm
Coaster round: 9 cm
Oven glove: 29,5×20,5 cm
Oven glove Large: 39,5×20,5
Potholder: 24,5×24,5 cm
Mousepad: 26×22 cm

How do I keep my apron or other Xapron product clean?

On our Maintenance page contains more information about how to keep your apron beautiful for as long as possible. In addition, we have made a handy overview of maintenance tips for leather products. You can find these tips HERE.

How can I best store my Xapron apron?

When you are not using the apron, hang or roll it up. In any case, do not fold the apron, this will prevent unsightly lines or even tears in the leather.

Is the Xapron logo on an apron as standard?

Yes, except the Tennessee apron.


I have ordered a Xapron apron without personalization but would like to have it personalized afterwards. Is this possible?

That’s certainly possible. Contact us at info@xapron.com and we will arrange it!

I cannot upload a logo or personalization.

If uploading your design or logo is unsuccessful, please contact us at marketing@xapron.com.


I have not received a receipt for my order.

If you have not received a payment confirmation, please contact us at info@xapron.com.

Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship worldwide?


What is the delivery time per country?

Please refer to our Shipping, Returns and Warranty page for the delivery terms and delivery times per country.

What are the shipping costs?

Purchase amount above €50,00: FREE
Purchase amount under €50,00: €6,95

Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg:

Outside EU + United Kingdom:

Norway and Switzerland:


Can I return my Xapron product?

You have the right to cancel the order within 14 days of receipt. After cancellation you have another 14 days to return the product. We will refund the full order amount including shipping costs. Only the shipping costs for returning the product are for your own account. There are some exceptions for products that cannot be returned, such as all personalized products. For more information about the exceptions and the return of a shipment, we would like to refer you to our Warranty and Returns page

B2B / Business

Do you have a product brochure?

Yes, sure, you can find it HERE.

Which business / B2B options do you offer?

You will find all the information about these options on our Business / B2B page. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@xapron.com.

I am interested in reselling the Xapron products. What now?

Cool! We are only too happy to welcome new partners. Contact us at info@xapron.com to discuss the options.

I am looking for a private label solution. Do you offer options for this?

Yes, certainly, check out our page about our B2B / Private label solutions. Are you stuck? Please contact us at info@xapron.com.

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