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Our aprons for women are a tad more refined, but is still an equally cool apron and made of 100% supple cowhide. Our women’s collection, XPRN by Xapron, features cooking aprons for women and is a combination of cool, fashion and functionality. The leather apron is not only durable enough for daily use in the kitchen or in the garden, but also a fashion item to show off at dinner parties at home. If you do not like to stand behind the stove in the kitchen, it will also look fantastic as decoration in the kitchen.


The collection of womens kitchen aprons currently consists of one model, available in the color blue. The apron is hand cut from one piece of leather to prevent seams where dirt can accumulate. It is very hygienic and easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, the womens kitchen apron is treated with a special dirt-repellent wax layer, so that liquids do not penetrate the leather and the apron stays longer beautiful.

The womens leather apron has different details than our men’s aprons. For example, we used a graceful narrow leather strap in the neck, and a leather string to tie the apron around your back. The model looks a little less coarse and rough than our normal collection of leather aprons. We have also omitted the raw copper-colored details, which gives the apron a calmer look.

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A leather apron from Xapron is a gift itself! But your own name on an apron, of course, makes it even more personal. Cool for yourself, but certainly nice to give a leather BBQ apron with name to someone else as a gift. Are you going for “BBQ King”, a special date or simply your first name? Let us know and we will arrange it!

Customized aprons for her

Complete your leather apron with a handy pocket in which you can store spatulas, spices or other tools so that you always have them within reach. We make pockets on aprons of the same leather quality and color as your choice of the apron.

In addition to extra accessories, we also offer the possibility to personalize the apron by having your own name or special date stamped or engraved on it. This way your apron is completely unique and all yours!

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The womens leather apron is available in 1 length: 74 cm high (about 29 inches) and 60 cm wide (about 23 ½ inches). We measure from the top of the apron (at the height of the breastbone) to above the knee. The width is the width of the leather of the cooking aprons for women. This width does not include your entire body, only the front and part of both sides. Tie the apron around your waist with the leather cord in a bow to accentuate the femininity of the cooking aprons for women.

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