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Knife roll bag from leather

Good material is half the battle. Any passionate (hobby) chef will agree that his or her knives are one of the most important tools in the kitchen when cooking. And you also have to be economical with the right things. Our leather knife bag offers the right protection for your razor-sharp chef’s knives and improves the lifespan of your knives. After all, your knives cannot be damaged when they are safely stored in a leather knife bag, so that they remain sharp longer. If you are now on the road a lot with your knives, it is completely wise to transport them in a leather knife case. Safe for yourself and your knives.

100% quality knife bag leather

All our leather knife cases are cut by hand from high-quality Utah leather. This type of leather is extra oiled, full-grain buffalo leather, with the surface remaining completely intact. We have three models of leather knife bags in our collection:

Model 1 has space for 5 knives and a size of 45 x 47 cm.
Model 2 has space for 10 knives and a size of 45x 87 cm.
Model 3 is the XL variant and has space for 9 knives and a size of 52x 58 cm.
All folders have a leather inner flap that you can open and close to protect your knives. After rolling up the leather knife bag, you can secure it with the sturdy straps and copper-colored buckles. You are good to go! If you order a separate shoulder strap, the knife bag is completely easy to transport. You will find this option with the accessories for the knife bag. Choose the color and look that best suits your personality! The Utah knife folders come in the following colors: Black, Choco and Rust. All three colors have contrasting cognac colored straps and details.

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Customize your leather knife bag

Give your leather knife case a personal touch by having your name stamped or engraved on it. In this way, a knife case is a party to give as a present to yourself or someone else. Excellent for student cooks, catering students and the professional chef. Personalize

Limited Edition leather knife roll bag

A lot tougher than its previous variants: the All Black Limited Edition knife folder. The name already gives it away: it is completely black. Extra cool because all details from the leather straps to the metal hardware are black, which creates an extra rough effect. In addition, this limited edition comes with 5 high-quality knives including plastic knife protectors around it. The edition is limited to 50 pieces and each item has its unique numbering. The knife set consists of the following five knives:

  • Chef’s knife Comfort Line – 23 cm
  • Bread knife Comfort Line – 23 cm
  • Steak knife Comfort Line – 12 cm
  • Meat knife Comfort Line – 18 cm
  • Sharpening steel – 25 cm

This Limited leather knife bag is sold while stocks last.

Xapron knife protectors

Prevent your knives from getting damaged when storing in your knife case or kitchen drawer by sliding an extra knife protector around it. Practical and safe! The knife protectors are made of hard plastic and optimally protect your knives.

  • Protect not only your knife, but also your leather knife bag
  • Practical and safe with storage
  • The set consists of 4 knife protectors. The knife protectors can also be ordered separately per piece
  • There are 3 widths available: 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid
  • The knife protectors are supplied excluding the knives
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