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Wooden Board Curvy

 18,95 incl. BTW

  • Personalize

    Personalize your leather product

    By choosing your favorite leather quality, color and any accessories, your leather apron is already quite unique in its kind. Do you want that extra step now? Then choose a leather apron with name. This way you are assured that nobody else is walking around in exactly the same creation as you. Although we cannot guarantee that if your name is BBQ master ;)

    We can make a leather BBQ apron by name in 4 different ways. Here we explain all the ways including the accompanying photos and prices.

    PLEASE NOTICE: The name won't replace the Xapron label

    • 5 €

    Max 8 characters. 

    Please note: This label does not replace the Xapron brand label. The max size of your logo will be about 6cm.

    • 10 €

    Please Note: Only PDF files.

    • (max file size 512 MB)

    This option gives you more space to play with. The maximum size of the laser engraving can be 10cm x 10cm on a apron and will be about 8cm x 8cm on a knife roll bag.

    Please note that this option is not possible for the Caiman aprons.

    • 15 €

    Please note: Only PDF files.

    • (max file size 512 MB)
  • Personalise

    Personalize your wooden board

    Personalizing your favorite cutting or serving board makes it even more special. And how about giving someone this personal gift?

    We can place a name on the name label attached to  your board by means of a laser engraving. Or we can burn a logo, name, or a nice text directly into the wood.

    The laser machine will burn your logo or name into the plank or leather label, so it is not possible to use color. A logo, name or text without large areas works best and looks the best.

    The maximum size of a name in the leather label is 4 cm wide. For a logo directly on the wood this is 10cm x 10cm.

    Below we explain the two ways, including the corresponding photos and prices.

    Your name on a leather label attached to your board

    Using a laser machine, we engrave your given name into a leather label, which is then attached on the leather cord of your board. The label comes next to the Xapron label, and does not replace the Xapron label. State the name or text that you would like to see on your label in the input field. Et voilà, there is your unique wooden board with name label!

    The maximum size for this is 4cm wide.

    Please note! This option is not possible on the two large cutting boards, as they have a large handle.

    Price € 5,-

    • 5 €

    Your Name

    Enter your desired text or name here:

    max. 8 characters, The lasered format is maximum 4 cm wide.

    Direct Laser engraving into your wooden board

    The advantage of this option is that you are not bound to a maximum number of characters, and you can also supply your own logo or design. The difference with this option is that we laser the design directly onto the wooden board and do not use an extra leather label. This of course gives a different and bigger effect than lasering on the name label. The surface on which we can laser is 10cm x 10cm. (depending on the size of your board)

    Price € 15,-

    • 15 €

    Note: We can only work with a PDF file.

    If you really can't figure it out, or struggle with the file. Send an email with your file and we will be here to help you. Click

    here to send an email.

    • (max file size 512 MB)


Curvy laser


These sturdy paddle-handled Beechwood boards are practical enough for use as kitchen chopping boards, and pretty enough to use as a cheeseboard at your next dinner party.
A good wooden board complements your kitchen and home, and these boards are thick, in an attractive curvy shape, and a convenient paddle handle.
Serve canapés, starters, cheese, even homemade sushi from these attractive boards. Bonus? They can be personalised by laser engraving with your own logo or name!

Product information 

  • Solid Beechwood
  • Double oiled
  • Equipped with a 100% buffalo leather cord
  • Easy to maintain with below maintenance tips
  • The size is 40cm x 15cm, and 1.8cm thick.
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