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Leather apron

Because such an apron made of leather is incredibly hip during the family dinner in the kitchen? Because you don’t want to be inferior to your friends during the annual bbq event? Or because it is an ideal gift for your father-in-law’s birthday? You don’t have to explain to us why you would like to own a leather apron. We fully understand you and are happy to think along with you for a reason. Although we also agree with the reason: simply, because it is a nice leather apron.

Buy a leather apron

There are a number of things that are useful to look out for when purchasing a leather apron.

Firstly, the quality of the leather. We will take care of that for you. With our expertise and many years of experience, we are busy daily with guaranteeing the quality of the leather of the apron. The buffalo leather that we use comes from Italy and is selected to meet our demanding specifications.

Secondly, the choice in leather type and color. With a wide range of seven flexible leathers and more than 21 different colors, many combinations are possible. Each leather apron gets its own look in this way.

Personalize your leather apron with your name

An Xapron leather apron is a gift itself! But your own name on an apron, of course, makes it even more personal. Cool for yourself, but certainly nice to give someone else’s name an apron. Are you going for “Grillmaster, a special date or simply your first name? Let us know and we will arrange your leather apron!

Meer over personaliseren

Sizes leather apron

Finally, when buying a leather apron you should also think about the right size. Our leather aprons are available in 3 lengths, the base length of which is 82 cm/ about 32 inches. For smaller people we have a leather apron of 74 cm/ about 29 inches, both have a width of 60 cm. The XL version has a length of 89 cm/ about 35 inches with a width of 70 cm.

We measure from the top of the apron (at the height of the breastbone) to above the knee. The width is the width of the leather of the apron. This width does not include your entire body, only the front and partly from the side.

Why a leather apron from Xapron?

  • Handmade by craftsmen in Holland
  • 100% Top quality apron made of leather
  • Remarkably smooth and comfortable
  • 7 leather qualities and more than 21 different colors
The rating of www.xapron.nl at Webshop Trustmark Reviews is 9.7/10 based on 379 reviews.
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