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Wooden Chopping Board

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Product description

This large cutting board has a natural look and is particularly hygienic and durable. By cutting and chopping on this board, your knives will not become dull quickly – the beech wood protects your knives. Double oiled for extra durability. And finished with a strong buffalo leather handle, attached with original forged nails.

Want to make your chopping board  even more special? this can be done through personalization.

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Product specifications

  • For cutting, arranging and serving meat, chicken or fish
  • Protects knives from becoming blunt
  • Beech wood gives a natural look and is also hygienic
  • An extra wide juice gutter to collect all unwanted meat juices
  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Double oiled for easy maintenance and longevity
  • Equipped with a sturdy buffalo leather handle


  • Never put your wooden board in the dishwasher.
  • Do not submerge or soak in water.
  • Simply clean your board with a damp cloth with some mild soap.
  • Never use strong cleaning agents.
  • Dry immediately after cleaning and place upright to dry.
  • Once in a while you can rub your board with some grapeseed oil.
  • It is best to remove stubborn stains or odors from onions or garlic, for example, by rubbing with half a lemon or white vinegar.
  • Rubbing your chopping board with Grapeseed oil now and then extends the life and makes the wood deeper in color.
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