Do you want to have a leather BBQ apron printed? That is possible at Xapron!
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Printed BBQ apron

Score a beautiful leather apron for that one master chef in your group of friends and have the leather apron printed with a name, special date or even your own logo. Our collection consists of 7 different leather types of full grain leather or split leather. One type has a more rugged look, where the veins of the cow are visible in the structure of the leather. While split leather has a calm, neutral and smooth structure. All leather types are suitable for printing the leather apron with logo or name. In addition to the 7 learning types, you can choose from more than 21 different colors. Are you going for elegant cognac, mysterious blue or rather cool black? The choice is yours!

Leather apron with logo

Of course, a leather BBQ apron is a great gift in itself! But … you make it just that little bit more special by printing your leather apron with a logo. Or with your own design or name. In this way the apron is completely unique and personal for the recipient. What we often see is that printing a leather apron is particularly popular among avid hobby BBQ fanatics. They have their own website, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook page, on which they share cooking demonstrations and various recipes for the BBQ. Something that started as a hobby, but quickly grew into a serious (side) job. And yes, of course that includes having a BBQ apron printed with your own logo. We understand completely at Xapron.

Various ways to print your BBQ apron

When you have made the choice of the type of leather, the model and the color, it is time to make a choice in which way we will print your leather apron. If you are going for a one-time purchase, lasering on a leather label or directly on the apron is the most economical option. You then pay a small amount extra. We will then work on your design. We burn off the top layer of the leather by means of a laser machine. This makes your logo, name or design clearly visible. Always let us know if you are unsure about your choice or design. We are happy to think along with you to create a product that we are proud of, and you too!

Printing a BBQ apron is not only reserved for the professional pit master, but also for you! The (amateur) BBQ’er who is only at the back of the garden behind the grill in the summer. Or that one friend who doesn’t find a leather apron out of place in his stylish kitchen. You come up with the reason, we print the leather apron!

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