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Barbecue apron

The right tools are of course indispensable for an evening barbecuing. From a super good barbecue, the hippest tools to a large piece of tender meat and the right spices. But don’t forget your leather barbecue apron! To protect against the high flames, the soot stains on your clothes and to complete the whole picture. We designed the leather barbecue apron for both our male and female barbecue fans. For the men we sell three different lengths and a mainly tougher and rougher model than the one for the ladies. Choose from various leathers and colors, customize with various accessories and have your name engraved on it. That way you have your unique barbecue apron made of leather!

The expert of the leather barbecue apron

We are on top of it. We regularly visit various (inter) national fairs, food festivals and trendy barbecue gatherings. There we meet connoisseurs, enthusiasts and masters of the grill.

Together we brainstorm about how we can take our apron to an even higher level. Which accessories are indispensable to have at hand while barbecuing. But also in which area we can make improvements and what our strongest (or weaknesses) are. We are only too happy to collect unvarnished opinions. Because… just like our aprons, we can also take a beating.

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Collection Xapron barbecue apron

Are you going for an All-Black-Edition, where not only your apron is made of black leather, but also your straps and your hardware? Or would you rather play it safe and opt for a classic brown / cognac-colored leather barbecue apron? Our collection consists of 6 different leathers and more than 14 different colors that you can choose from. This allows you to completely determine your own look & feel.

What all aprons have in common is that they are equipped with sturdy adjustable straps, a simple buckle closure and a handy tea towel loop. Expand your apron by choosing various accessories that you can mount on your apron. From an extra pocket to a handy beer holder.

More feminine, but still cool!

The XPRN by Xapron collection currently consists of 1 barbecue apron model, available in 4 different colors. The ladies’ aprons have different details than our men’s aprons. For example, we have used a graceful narrow leather band in the neck, you tie the apron with a leather string on your back and the model looks just a bit less coarse and rough than our normal collection of leather aprons. We have also left out the raw, existing copper-colored details, which gives the leather barbecue apron a more peaceful look.

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Why a leather barbecue apron?

Protects you from the hot flames of the grill
You immediately look like an experienced pit master
A Xapron barbecue apron made of leather is extremely flexible and comfortable
Wide range of leathers and colors

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