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Leather kitchen accessories

We understand when you don’t immediately think of leather when we drop the word “kitchen.” Yet of all materials, natural and sturdy leather is a very special and logical choice in your kitchen. You can go so many ways with it and we are happy to show you that in our collection of leather kitchen accessories. Good taste is not only reflected in dishes, but also in your interior.

Leather knife roll bag

Good material is half the battle. Every passionate professional and hobbyist chef will agree that his or her knives in the kitchen are one of the most important tools during cooking, and you have to be careful with the right stuff. Our leather knife roll bag offers the right protection for your razor-sharp chef’s knives and improves the life of your knives. After all, if your knives are stored properly, they stay sharper longer, as they are harder to be damaged. If you are on the road a lot with your knives, then it is completely wise to transport them in a protective bag for your safety and the safety of your knives.

All our leather knife cases are cut by hand from high-quality Utah leather. This type of leather is extra oiled, full-grain buffalo leather, with the surface remaining completely intact. We have two models in our collection: the first model has room for 5 knives, while the other model has room for 10 knives. Both roll bags have a leather inner flap that protects the blades. After rolling up the bag, you can secure it with the sturdy straps and buckles. The leather knife folder is available in various colors.

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Leather pot holders

They are not only tough and beautiful to look at, but mainly ensure that you don’t burn your hands! They are sturdy, come in a set of 2 pieces, are easy to clean with a damp cloth and also give your kitchen a hip twist. Hang them on the leather hanging loop somewhere, within reach and within sight. These pot holders can be seen!

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Heat resistant oven gloves

The leather oven glove with thumb comes in different colors and prints. Go for a neutral brown color, or opt for the bold black crocodile print. These oven gloves come in handy during barbecuing because they are intended for high temperatures of up to 240 ° C (464 F).

These gloves ensure optimum protection for your hands when lifting a heavy hot oven dish. The advantage of an oven glove compared to a pot holder is that you have just a little more grip and an oven glove does not move quickly in your hands.

A great gift for anyone who can be found in the kitchen or behind the BBQ in the yard.

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