Care Instructions

How to treat your leather apron


Thank you for buying our leather apron. We love them too! Our aprons are timeless and because of the superior leather quality it will be your friend for many years. But how to care for your leather apron properly? Folllow our care instructions:



Care Instructions



1. Use stain and water repellent colorless leather spray. It protects the apron against dirt and water. However, this is not necessary! Our aprons age beautifully. The more you use it, the deeper it's character will show.


2. Leather may discolor in the full sun. If the apron has become wet, leave the apron to dry somewhere inside at room temperature.

3. Treat dried drops of water and small stains with a soft brush, damp cloth, leather sponge or (for advanced users) with a leather soap foam. Spots also disappear often by simply rubbing the leather of the apron against each other.

4. Never treat stainswith corrosive agents such as gasoline or acetone!

5. Has the apron become inflexible? Stif leather becomes smooth again by treating it with leather spray.

6. Remove grease stains carefully with a suede sandstone.

7. If you don't want to clean the apron yourself. We advise to have your apron treated by a good leather cleaning specialist.