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Why should you use professional oven mitss made of leather? Firstly, the leather, certainly with the crocodile print, gives it a tough and chic look. It just looks nice.

Secondly, the leather oven mitts protect your hands against splashes and burns perfectly. They are resistant to a heat of up to 240 degrees Celsius (464 degrees Fahrenheit). You will notice that heat-resistant professional oven mitts are used more often than you think, from quickly taking your pizza or freshly baked apple pie out of the oven, to pouring boiling water from your spaghetti in the sink. They are an absolute asset in your kitchen!

Thirdly. Thanks to the leather, the professional oven mitts are water-repellent and virtually maintenance-free. That saves again. And last, but not least, leather oven mitts become more beautiful as the leather ages and looks nicer.


Is your choice for a tough crocodile print or would you prefer a neutral oven glove without a print? Are you going for a deep black or more a neutral tan? The heat-resistant leather oven mitts from Xapron come in 3 different variants: crocodile print, neutral or an extra-long size L variant. You can also choose from different colors: Brown, Rust or Black. Look and compare all of the options with our product photos before you make a choice.

All oven gloves are packed (with the exception of the size L variant) individually in a beautiful metal gift box. They are a suitably nice gift for yourself or others.

The professional oven mitts have a high-quality finish and are stitched with detail. The inside has a 100% cotton lining that ensures more heat protection. Our heat-resistant oven gloves are one size fits all. Each oven glove has a handy hanging loop, so you can always hang it within reach.


A leather oven glove from Xapron is a gift itself! But your own name on an apron, of course, makes it even more personal. Cool for yourself, but certainly nice to give a leather BBQ apron with name to someone else as a gift. Are you going for “BBQ King”, a special date or simply your first name? Let us know and we will arrange it!


You know that we make the most original gifts for foodies. Xapron aprons and kitchen accessories are loved by foodies and barbecue enthusiasts, creative DIY-ers and artists. Dutch star chefs and professional grill masters such as Herman den Blijker and Ralph de Kok are fans of our typically Dutch tough fashion brand.


Xapron is a fashion brand from Waalwijk, where we produce traditional leather aprons and various kitchen and table accessories. The designs all come from our own design team and are then made in the traditional way in the leather workshop in Waalwijk … by hand and with a great sense of detail.


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