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Leather kitchen apron

Are you the type that likes to spend their free time in the kitchen? Who can’t wait to go home after a long workday and dive immediately into the kitchen to prepare a 3-course-dinner for their loved ones? You are not afraid to try out a new recipe and you won’t even think about buying a birthday cake. You need professional chef aprons as professional tools in your kitchen during spending time cooking or baking. We believe at Xapron that you are a great match with our leather kitchen apron! In addition of the look of a professional, you will also benefit the protective function of the leather chef apron. It will protect your clothing against heat and any (fat)splashes.

Collection professional chef aprons

We are the place on the internet if you are looking for a beautiful leather chef apron, which is timeless and also very durable. With a collection consisting of 7 different leathers and more than 21 different colors, chances are big that you will succeed buying one. In addition to convince you, we only use the very best leather from Italy and all our products are made by hand by craftsman. In a traditional way and with a lot of love.

Wat veel mensen niet weten is dat onze leren schorten onze, zelf ontwikkelde, speciale bewerking krijgt. Om deze reden is je leren kookschort opvallend licht en flexibel. Een leren schort van Xapron zit daarom niet alleen comfortabel. Door de souplesse van het leer vallen alle schorten mooi om elk lichaam. De gespen in de hals en de taille zijn afgewerkt met stevig (natuulijk gelooid) tuigleer. Voor een optimale pasvorm en unieke uitstraling.

Use leather chef apron

You can use our professional chef aprons in many ways. In the kitchen behind the stove, in the garden behind your BBQ, but also during the execution of, for example, a traditional profession as a knife sharpener. We see our aprons mostly often worn by grill masters behind the BBQ. The leather chef apron protects you against flames and any (fat) splashes. It prevents burns and dirty clothing.

In addition to private use, our Xapron leather chef aprons are also very suitable for the hospitality industry. Our New York collection, for example, is a good choice here. Finally, you have the option to personalize your leather kitchen apron with your own name or logo. Completely to your style and taste!

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