All Black Edition - Xapron Limited Collection

Even cooler than its previous versions: the All Black Edition knife roll. Extra awesome because all leather details are completely black. Made by hand, extra oiled, full grain buff leather. Protect your knives securely and safely in this leather knife case. The All Black Edition includes a Xapron knife set and knive protectors. 

Contents knife set

Cook's knife Comfort Line - 23 cm.

This professional wide and large chef's knife is an all-rounder in every kitchen. This knife has a slightly curved cutting surface which makes cutting very easy. Use this handy chef's knife for cutting and trimming meat.

Bread knife Comfort Line - 23 cm.
As you know, uncut bread stays fresh for much longer and it is delicious to bake your own bread. A perfectly cut bread knife glides smoothly through both hard and soft pieces of bread. You hardly need to force. This bread knife is polished by hand, has cartels and the professionally balanced handle is excellent in the hand.

Steak knife Comfort Line - 12 cm.
This professional steak knife glides effortlessly through steak and tournedos. You hardly need to put any power.

Meat knife Comfort Line - 18 cm.
This professional carving knife glides effortlessly through all types of meat. You hardly need to put any power. Specially designed for portioning meat.

Sharpening steel - 25 cm.
A professional round sharpening steel with an ergonomic handle that fits exactly in the hand. Ideal if you sharpen your knives regularly but want to tighten extra.

Material: Chrome-Molbydansteel / 56 HRC
Good to know: the knives are forged from one piece

Product information

✓ Handmade in the Netherlands (Waalwijk)
✓ 100% top quality, smooth buffalo leather
✓ 2 sturdy adjustable straps
✓ Simple adjustable buckle closure
✓ Equipped with 5 knife compartments including a knife set from Xapron 
✓ Including the knives and their protectors 


The size of the All Black Edition knife holder is 45 x 47 cm. Five knives fit into it. These are included with this Limited Edition knife roll.

Limited Edition

This Limited Edition is produced in a very limited amount of only 50 pieces and therefore a unique item. Each knife roll is provided with a unique number.

All Black Limited Edition - Knife roll - 5 knives en knife protectors

All Black Limited Edition - Knife roll - 5 knives en knife protectors


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