"Each apron begins as a blank canvas"


Xapron designs and manufactures a new line of supple leather aprons since the beginning of 2016 and successfully! There are several supple leathers and colors. Aprons are very good to use in the professional kitchen or in the kitchen at home, at the family BBQ or during chores. Each leather apron is handmade and very smooth to wear.

Owner Peter Vrins conceived the name X (apron), because of his partiality for beautiful crafts and therefore added a X (kiss) to the English name Apron.

The leather aprons are available in different types of leather such as Ohio, Hermes, Cayman, BBQ and Tribe. You can choose the color and finish. Aprons and our new summer collection are already delivered to many baristas, bartenders, barbers and cooks, and are now also available via the website Xapron.


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